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International photographer and art director, José Carlos Manyari is a renowned professional in fashion and advertising. He has a modern view and has always been able to convey his own passion through cultural and educational work.


He was born in Lima in 1982 as José Carlos Chumbe Manyari. He began his career as a journalist, and then he became interested in photography and art direction.


His studies in Peru*, Cuba** and France*** allowed him to work in different areas: advertising, television, press, French “prêt-à-porter” and e-commerce.


He entered the fashion world in France as a photographer for the brand Kiabi. Then he created

 “Studio l’Entrepôt”, a photo and audiovisual production studio where he was responsible of the studio, project manager and art director. Due to his diverse professional skills he worked in different advertising projects and he created and developed the brands of some of his clients. He also developed his abilities as commercial agent, as l’Entrepôt was dedicated to rent sets and locations for audiovisual shooting (cyclorama, chroma key).  


Some of his clients in French and international retail are Jules, PromodPimkieAuchan, DecathlonTriumph, PlaytexProphot, BoulangerGoldwell; and among communication and advertising agencies: Publicis ETO, Orès Group, Prodcast, Tigre Blanc, We Love Motion, to mention some of them.


His various professional experiences have made him an expert in communication, marketing, art direction, photo and video production. He knows well the creative process of a campaign as well as the design and printing process. He is able to start advertising campaigns from the creative process to the production until delivering the final result. Currently he continues designing advertising catalogues and regularly works for e-commerce sites.


He gets his inspiration from his own cultural diversity as he grew up in Peru and developed his professional work in France. It is through his first years as a photographer and his multiple trips to Latin America, the United States and Europe that José Carlos has developed his view and his professional values.


Being a versatile artist, he has presented a diversity of exhibitions in photography, plastic art, digital art and painting.


He is also a committed professional, who has shared and made others discover visual arts through Studio l’Entrepôt. He used it as a cultural site for conferences, portfolio analyses and exhibitions. He invited photo artists with vast experience (photographers, art directors, editors, film makers) such as Marc Dubord, Thomas Muselet, Eric Higgins, Ericka Weidmann, Frédéric Fontenoy and Hervé Bernard.


In France he participated and supported photographers’ associations such as UPP (Professional Photographers’ Union) and GNPP (National Group of Professional Photography).


In 2014, he published with photographer Marc Dubord the e-magazine "Caustik Magazine", specialised in photography and visual arts. This publication aims at disseminating diverse disciplines of photography and discovering new talents, with the participation of renowned photographers like Michel Bonini, Mamedy Doucara, Sacha Goldberger, Dedalus, Nath Sakura, Frédéric Boursier and Marc Lamey.


José Carlos enjoys conveying his own values, and this has led him to assess and train other photographers. He opened an educational centre at l’Entreprôt where he carried out different courses and trainings (fashion photography, beauty photography, art direction, pack-shot and studio photography).


Other people recognize him as a person who exchanges his ideas, shares his experiences and gives advice when you meet him.


In 2015 and 2016, due to his experience and his teaching skills, he was called by l'APCMA (Permanent assembly of trades and artisans), located in Paris to become part of the team that elaborated and developed the BTM∞ and BTS∞∞ exams for professional photography at a national level. He was asked to join the team to provide his modern vision in the ever evolving profession of photography (e-commerce, advertising). Additionally, he was jury for the correction of the final exams of the CFA (Education Centre for Apprenticeship) of Tourcoing.


José Carlos is always on the search of new challenges and projects in advertising and culture, and currently he works in Peru, France and the United States.


    * Professional Journalism, Escuela de Periodismo Jaime Bausate y Meza 2000 - 2002

Professional photography training in Kodak Centre Américas 2002

** Urban journalism photography training, Fondo Iberoamericano de Fotografía & Centro de Estudios Martianos 2004

*** Image and photography training – Centre of Plastic and Visual Arts of Lille 2007

Training on Fashion photography lighting – Daguerre Studio - Paris - 2009

Entrepreneurship training - BGE Nord pas de Calais 2012

Art Direction training - Kaligram Training Center - Lille 2014

Photoshop training - AGDA Lille 2015

∞ BTM : Technical license in photography

∞∞ BTS : Superior license in photography

Both certificates are awarded by the French state in photography 

Making Of

Studio l'Entrepôt's birthday party / 2015
Photo shooting by Thomas Muselet
Art Direction José Carlos Manyari / 2015
Lookbook Lilly Framboise
Spring / Summer 2014 "
"Lookbook Lilly Framboise
Children's Collection - Fall / Winter 2013
Photo shooting by Thomas Muselet
Art Direction José Carlos Manyari / 2015
Photo shooting Marc Dubord
by José Carlos Manyari / 2014
Lookbook Lilly Framboise
Fall / Winter 2013
Photo shoot "Grand Casting Kiabi" 2010
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